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A Diamond In The Rough!

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A recent trip to Jewett Ohio yielded an amazing find. There tucked away in the old Kammeyer Opera House, was a true Diamond in the Rough. The building had passed hands a few times since the Opera House Days, and had garnered quite the reputation in the mean time.

But this time was different. I met with the owners of the establishment located within the Opera House, Ray and Sarah Leon. The moment I opened the door, I was immediately thrust into full body shock and amazement at how the place looked. The words that I could possibly type out on this screen could not even begin to describe the awe that quickly swept over me.

WOW. It was…Amazing! Gorgeous! UnBelieveable! You quickly flash through the images in your mind of your ride into Jewett, then onto Main Street, then pulling into the parking lot, the aged facade of the building. And then there you are. Standing in one of the classiest, nicest, beautifully decorated business that I have ever seen locally.

I instantly felt comfortable. (Except for the shock I was going through). It was a very, very relaxing atmosphere. Everything had it’s place, and all the wood furniture shined.

Im talking about the old Good Times establishment.

I was quickly granted a tour through this building, which I had travelled past many times, but never actually went into, with the exception of one time about a year ago.

Talk about potential! The upstairs of this building has an amazing banquet hall, that could hold just about any sized crowd (up to 200 I was told) With a great sound system, a dance floor and the classic Opera House Stage with full lighting. Awesome!

Just as fast, as we had travelled, we were back downstairs. A Full service kitchen was being staffed and operated with ruthless efficiency, yet everyone had smiles upon their faces and the smell of the food was enough to drive you into a feeding frenzy. It was then that I was determined to take some extra time out, to partake in the food.

I took a seat at the very clean, very shiny bar, and was quickly delivered a plate, that was heaped so high with fresh cut french fries, that It was all that I could do to keep the pile from toppling onto the bar top, every time I wanted a bite.

And the cheeseburger with the works (minus the tomato of course) was probably one of the best burgers I have had in quite awhile. It was not just a cheeseburger, but more of a juicy, meaty, wood gnomes dancing on your tongue kind of cheeseburger.

This place was just wracking up the points. The decor, the super clean feeling, being in a very, very relaxed atmosphere. I almost did not want to leave. And I told the bar maid this decision.

You know I passed the sign coming into Jewett, that the Good Times owned by Ray and Sarah,  was not just a bar, but a home town courtesy. And I pondered that as I pulled into the parking lot. Well sitting there, It dawned on me. They were dead on.

This place is GREAT. After speaking with Ray, I was told of all the effort that was being put into the place, to change the image. Change the feel, and change the way people can get away, have a good meal, a cold beer, and actually kick back and relax, without your typical bar feeling.

Family Friendly, Super Clean, Super Easy On The Eyes. A Classy Working Mans establishment, is all that I can quickly summarize. I plan on visiting Ray and Sarah’s Good Times every chance I get. I am seriously in love with this place, and Im so glad a couple such as they, have undertaken this project, and in Jewett. You MUST give them a visit. In all seriousness, you will not regret it. Hooah!

Ray & Sarah’s Good Times
106 E. Main Street
Jewett, Ohio 43986

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Larry Bertolino

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