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Harrison County Adventures

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Harrison County Adventures

I grew up around the small town  of Carrollton, in the heart of Carroll County.  I went to school in Carroll County in the Conotton Valley School District, lived out in the middle of nowhere in a little village called Palermo, and didn’t really ever felt the need go to any other county very often.  The only time I went to Tuscarawas County, Harrison County, or Jefferson County was to go to Walmart in New Philadelphia, go to Scio and Cadiz to see my family friends, and then went to Steubenville during Christmas to go shopping.  Other then doing those things, I stayed in Carroll County.

Then, half way through my Freshman year of high school, I had to move to Scio unexpectedly.  That was a huge change to me.  Sure, I had visited Scio and Cadiz on numerous occasions, as I had stated before, but never imagined living around there.  So, when I moved to where I live now, I had to get used to being quieter, keeping my music down, and not have as much space to explore.  For a girl like me, that was hard to do.

Safe to say, I survived getting used to where I live and even met friends in the Harrison Hills City School District.  But, I still didn’t know much about the current county I lived in. 

That all changed when I got a job at My Local PC Pro.  My job was to go around Harrison County to collect flyers, get information about different stores, and take pictures.  Piece of cake, I thought. Not long after I started working there, I went to the towns I knew best: Scio, Cadiz, Jewett, New Rumley, and Bowerston.  That was the easy part.  The hard part was going to visit the rest of Harrison County to find out more information for this site.  But I took it all in stride.  I decided to go to Freeport.  Though I had never been there before, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard.  I seen it as an adventure.  So, I wrote down the roads I needed to take from a map of Harrison county that my boss had and started on my way.  Needless to say, I got lost on my way back to Cadiz and instead of only taking maybe a half hour to forty-five minutes to get back, it took me two hours!  I was almost out of gas (after starting out on a full tank) and my cell phone was just about dead.  So, I knew if I ran out of gas, I would have to go somewhere to see if somebody would let me use a phone to call Larry, my boss, and explain to him what happened.  I just kept driving, then I seen a sign on Deersville Road that said “Shop in Cadiz!”.  I got so excited that I found a road that lead back to Cadiz, that I just kept driving.  Then I got to where I had to turn, I saw construction workers.  I had completely forgotten about the road construction on Route 250!  So, I had to turn back and go to Deersville Ridge Road.  I made it back to Cadiz, with less then 1/4 of a tank of gas remaining in my car.

I’m happy to report that I know my way to Freeport and how to get back.  I’ve been there a couple of times since then and come back to Cadiz with more then 1/4 of a tank of gas.

Now I still haven’t made it everywhere in the county and I’ve been working at My Local PC Pro for about a month.  But I am looking forward to going to the other towns in Harrison County, learning more about where I live and seeing all the wonderful things this county has to offer.

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

Owner at myLocalPCpro
Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
Larry Bertolino
Larry Bertolino

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