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The Shame.

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There is quite possibly nothing more that I abhor, then having someone outside of the local community point out the flaws and ugly stains on the carpet of our oh so humble villages. This feeling could quite possibly rank up there with certain groups always preaching that our enteral salvation lies within corporate America swooping in to our rescue, with their mega stores, foreign labor enabled low prices and ultra horrible quality of product and service.

So what. Call me a Harrison County Nationalist for my stance on taking care of our own.

Never is there an excuse for what has transpired with our county dog pound. Never should there have been a national spotlight on the conditions in which existed. Conditions that should have been noted and dealt with locally. Regardless of your point of view on the Harrison County Dog Pound, Regardless if your views swing to the extreme left or to the right. The simple fact remained that a deplorable condition existed; be it the condition of the pound, those who ran it, or those who funded it.

How many of those now actively aggravating for the shut down of the pound participated in the commissioners meetings prior to all the media limelight? How many of those who chose to ignore the situation are now publicly grumbling about ” those damn outsiders ” ?

This is appalling.

I do dearly hope that something good comes out of all this.

I hope that the pound receives the HELP that it has so scornfully turned away in the past.
I hope that citizens of this county can take this is a wake up call and set the ball in motion to make a change in every aspect of our local society.
I hope that those much scorned outsiders can possibly help create a non-profit animal shelter to work within the county
( remember, the county dog pound is  a POUND,  not a shelter. )

And I hope this serves as a moment of deep thought, of  how it took those who do not live in a situation such as ours, to bring about such activity and public shame to those that do,
and the resentment that it has brought. ( Lest we also not forget those involved who are more interested in being in the media, then bringing about an actual change? )

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

Owner at myLocalPCpro
Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
Larry Bertolino
Larry Bertolino

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