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We’re Back

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Well, after nearly two months of agonizing, brutal re-designing frustrations, is back online. While many bits and pieces remain unfinished, the site is more or less functional. Functional enough for us to begin sharing all the events and information currently piled up here in the office. That being said, be patient, and stand by to stand by for constant fixes, and troubleshooting while the site is brought up to full speed.

That being said, I do hope the changes are satisfactory.

Changes With v.2 of TIMC:

  • The Featured Header was changed to a single more prominent position within the top of the page. This will allow for a more pointed effect on items and or events of interest to be pointed out
  • The multitudes of columns were removed and replaced with a Tabbed Content box. This box currently contains the tabs ” Recent, My Community and ThisIsMyCounty, as well as Most Commented. These tabs will be the standard navigation guides, however more tabs will soon follow, when a planned roll out of new contributors takes effect. To navigate all the content, one must simply click on ” My Community, or ThisIsMyCounty ” etc.
  • Local weather is now included at the top right of the website. ( After this was requested a plethora of times, I finally relented and added it. )
  • The top of the website now includes our Facebook information, as well as RSS feed and email subscription. Also included is the quick ability to make your homepage.
  • The links listed below that, are to be used to point our visitors to other projects we are currently working on. Those included now are more then likely Temporary, as we have a couple OUTSTANDING community projects that have been in the works for the past few months, that will roll out shortly.
  • has been placed on it’s on server to help with the traffic, and thus should be a quicker experience for all.


With that being said, I encourage everyone to share this information with the world, so that we can obtain all the information about every event taking place within Harrison County Ohio, and in return, publish it here online.  Thank you all for being as patient as you were with me.

Now send in your events!

– Larry

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

Owner at myLocalPCpro
Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
Larry Bertolino
Larry Bertolino

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