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Biddy Football Super Bowl 2011

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Sunday, October 23, the Jewett-Scio 3rd and 4th grade Biddy Football team took on the Bridgeport Bulldogs in the Super Bowl game.

The Vikings came out on the field ready to prove why they made it to the esteemed game by running the ball 30 yards the opening play.  Unfortunately, they were not able to push the ball into the end zone.

The Bulldogs dominated most of the game, but the Vikings never gave up.  Mid fourth quarter, Cale McAfee took the ball from the Bridgeport 45 and ran it into the endzone.  J-S was then able to complete a two point conversion making the score 38-8.  Bulldogs were at the Super Bowl to make a statement as well and answered the J-S score with one of their own making the final score 44-8.

As the Vikings came in for their final huddle of the season, you could hear the coaches praising their boys.  “Each and everyone of you gave your all and I am proud of you!!”  “There is NOTHING to be disappointed about!”  “I am proud of you ALL!!!!”

Th  Cadiz 5th and 6th grade coaches came over and shook hands with each of the Viking players and congratulated them on a great game and season.  Before leaving, the Viking players went over to the Cardinal players to wish them luck and the Cardinals returned all the good-lucks with congratulations for making it to the Super Bowl and giving their all on the field.

Cardinals then took the field with the Bridgeport Bulldogs for their Super Bowl game.  Cards gave their all through out the game, never giving up and fighting for a score clear up to final seconds of the game, but ultimately the Bulldogs controlled the game with a final score of 38-0.

Immediately following the game, the coaches had the 6th graders line up on the goal line.  Each coach shook each players hand.  Congratulating them for a great season, thanking them for always giving their all on the field and wishing them luck as they move on to Junior High as Huskies next year.  The team and coaches then gathered for their final huddle of the season.  The coaches handed down one last order to their team, “Hold your heads up high!  We may not have the trophey, but you ALL are number one in MY book!!”

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

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Larry Bertolino

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