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Veterans Day

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“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” ~ Elmer Davis

Today we remember ALL service men and women, past and present, those who gave some and those who gave all.  Veterans Day is a day to honor all those who decided our freedoms meant more than their own lives.  With so many loved ones in my life that have or still are serving our great country, this day is particularly special to me.

Five years ago I joined the Cadiz American Legion Post 34 Auxiliary along with my two daughters.  To join I needed a copy of my grandfathers DD-214 discharge papers from when he served in the Army during World War II.  My grandfather thought very long and hard before handing over the copy, because he wanted to make sure we were joining the Legion for the right reasons.  I invited him and my grandmother to come join us for our Veterans Day ceremonies at the courthouse that year.  As my husband (a S.A.L. member) and I stood there holding our entities flags and our two daughters in uniform beside me, I looked over at my grandparents who had our son (who is now a S.A.L. member as well).  The look on their faces was indescribable.  It was joy, pride, sorrow, and love all rolled up in one.  After the ceremony we went to the Post for lunch.  My grandfather is a man of his generation, a man of few words and few shown emotions.  He pulled me to the side to talk privately.  He wanted me to know how proud he was of me and my husband for what we do with our Legion and for involving our children as much as we do because not only does my generation need to be reminded of what price was paid to have the freedoms we have today, but the kids generation needs to learn and remember as well.  I swear I saw a tear in his eye as he pulled me into a loving hug.

On this day, and all days, we need to stop and think.  We may not agree with the way the government is run, or how things are going in our world, but due to all the amazing men and women who were and are willing to put that uniform on, we are able to have the right to agree or disagree and have a voice.  Thank you to all our Veterans!

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

Owner at myLocalPCpro
Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
Larry Bertolino
Larry Bertolino

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