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Tutoring program under way

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Tutoring program under way for middle school students


 A new tutoring program designed to improve middle school students’ learning skills is now being implemented in the Harrison Hills City School District.

    Susan Potvin, director of the 21st Century Learning Program under way at Harrison Central Jr./Sr. High School, recently told school board members that it has gained interest from seventh through ninth graders during its brief existence. She and Duran Morgan, dean of students at Harrison Central, made a presentation during the regular meeting and said 19 pupils were already taking part.

   Funding for the program was derived from a $1 million grant that district Administrative Assistant Dana Snider received from the Ohio Department of Education. The grant provides up to $200,000 annually over a five-year period based on available funding and defrays posts for the program director, two site managers and multiple tutors, as well as supplies to help students improve their skills and bolster test scores. Tutoring is offered to those students at 6:40 a.m. and for two hours after school and the district’s activity bus is being used for transport.

   Potvin said the program began three weeks ago and at a faster rate than normal. It usually would take three months and could have started in January.

  “We already had 19 students in the program, she said. “Nine kids come regularly and it is building a sense of fellowship and belonging.”

  Its goal is to increase reading and math skills, develop character and add a family element at the conclusion.

  “I’m really thrilled with how it’s launched,” she said. “Our goal is to hopefully get 70 kids involved. It might sound small [with 19 kids], but its really progressed in three weeks’ time,” she said.

  Morgan, who along with Jr. High Principal Brent Ripley was named site manager that same evening, said the program was available on Monday to Thursday.

  “It’s not structured like a classroom and helps develop better skills,” he added. “Tutors can work as tutors, but some days they target math and reading. We have designated days where we also try to provide enrichment activities. Attendance is picking up and the kids are interested. We want to make it user friendly and have community activities and character-based activities to build up a well-rounded child.”

  Superintendent Dr. George Ash praised the officials for helping the children.

Source: Harrison Hills School District

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