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Holiday Baking and Diabetes at HCH

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December 1st was the Harrison Community Hospital’s monthly Diabetes Workshop.  Following tradition, Carol Teter, the Diabetes Nurse Educator at the hospital, had many snacks that were either sugar free or had Splenda substituted for sugar in the recipes including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Anthony Thomas Candy and Pumpkin Custard Cups.

While all those attending enjoyed their snacks, Susan Ault of the Harrison Community Research Center described two clinical trials currently going on at the hospital in regards to Type II Diabetes.  The two trials are in regards to FDA approved drugs and will last approximately 3-5 years.  There are many positives to joining clinical trials including help with the cost of diabetic medication and supplies for monitoring.  There are many qualifications for joining the trial including age and previous health conditions.  For more information and to see if you could qualify, please contact Susan at (740) 942-6318.

Following Susan’s presentation, the group discussed some of their favorite ways of making  sweet treats that worked in their personal diets.  One of the favorites seemed to be that when pumpkin pie made with Splenda instead of sugar, many people (including their non-diabetic friends and family) could not tell the difference.  Most everyone agreed that there are a few recipes that just don’t work with Splenda or other sugar substitutes, but overall baking and cooking with Splenda gives them a little more creativity to eat what they want.  Carol wanted to remind everyone that just because you have diabetes and have to monitor what you eat, that does not mean you have to give up all the foods you love and enjoy, particularly now during the holiday season.  Everything in moderation is the key to it all.  One cookie, piece of candy, or half a slice of pie will not ruin the day as long as proper exchanges are made through out the day.

Next month the group will be meeting January 5th at 6:30pm in the Hospital Classroom to discuss “Meter Use: How Much is Enough?”  Carol will discuss and demonstrate proper meter usage techniques, how to improve accuracy, what to do with “all those numbers”, and treating the “highs” and “lows”.  The discussion is free to the public and everyone is welcome.  For more information, please call (740) 942-4631.

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Larry Bertolino

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