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Memorial Tree Decorating

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Just as a tree undergoes change as it grows from a seedling to maturity, our lives are full of unique and important people that define us as individuals. We encourage you to treasure and cherish the memory of the people who were near and dear to you by inviting you and your family to attend our annual Memorial Christmas Tree Decorating in honor of those who have died and in support of those who still live.

The holidays are a difficult time for many people who have lost someone loved. The idea behind the Memorial Christmas Tree Decorating is to allow you a time and place to honor and remember a loved one who has died. We suggest that you choose ornaments that best symbolize your loved one to place on the tree.

The tree is located outside of the funeral home so try to choose an ornament that will not be affected by the weather. Ornaments will remain on the tree until the first week in January. Then the ornaments will be placed on a table on the front porch of the funeral home for you to retrieve and take home. Any ornaments left on the table will be stored at the funeral home for you to place on the tree next year.

We will gladly store the ornaments but we can not guarantee their condition since they are placed on a tree outside exposed to the elements. This event is for you to remember your loved one so we do not place ornaments left at the funeral home on the tree from year to year. You may bring as many ornaments as you like for as many loved ones as you like. If you are unable to attend at this time please feel free to place your ornament on the tree at your convenience.

Memorial Christmas Tree Decorating
Sunday, December 11th 2011
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Koch Funeral Home
101 West Main Street
Scio, Ohio 43988

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Larry Bertolino

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