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Calling All Bird Feeders!!!

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Calling All Bird Feeders!!!

On December 31 from midnight to midnight, the 111th annual Harrison County Christmas Bird Count will be conducted. The Audubon Society started the count 112 years ago in an effort to track the changes in bird populations over time. Harrison County has the longest running count in the nation! We need your help!

If you feed birds, you can add to our knowledge of bird populations. It is easy. Just watch your feeder for as long as you wish on December 31st and record the maximum number of individuals of a species that occur at any one time. For example at 9 a.m. there are 4 Cardinals, 7 Chickadees, 4 House Sparrows and 1 Tufted Titmouse at your feeder. At 9:30 there are 8 Cardinals, no chickadees, 2 House Sparrows and 3 Titmice. Your count would be: Cardinals-8, Chickadees-7, House Sparrows-4 and Titmice-3. It is that simple. You can spend 10 minutes or 6 hours watching your feeder and yard. If you are outside walking the dog and you hear 3 Crows fly over your yard and have 6 Bluebirds on the back fence, count them too! If you hear it or see it in or over your yard….COUNT IT.

What areas are in our CBC circle? The following towns are in the circle: all of Cadiz, Jewett, Scio, Conotton and Deersville, the south west part of New Rumley is also in the circle. On the south, the circle runs roughly along US22 to 1 mile east of Moorefield, cuts over to SR 799 and passes just west of the Tappan Dam. If you do not live in a town and want to know if your feeder is in the circle, please call. We have attached an easy to use Feeder Watcher form that you can download and use for your data. There is no charge for participating in a feeder count.

If you are a more advanced bird watcher or would like to get out in the field with a group or form your own group, we need you too! We divide the circle up among several groups and hit the road. Last year we had a total of 62 man hours and found 62 species and over 2000 individuals. There is a $5 charge to participate and based on your skill, you can either form your own group or we will place you with a more experienced group.

If you have any interest or questions about the historic Harrison County CBC, please contact Dr. Scott Pendleton at 942-3267 or

Article Submited by Dr.Scott Pendleton of the Cadiz Animal Clinic (

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

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Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
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Larry Bertolino

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