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GOP Presidential Primary

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Barry J. Momyer
Vice Chairman
Harrison County Republican Party

Well, South Carolina GOP Presidential primary mixed things up for everyone!!  I believe never before has the first 3 primary states were won by 3 different candidates!   Watch out, HERE COMES FLORIDA!!  Will it claim a candidate from the list if one has a bad showing there?

Iowa – Santorum won narrowly, basically a neutral state since none of the 3 candidates have lived or near this state.  Rick spent a lot of time in Iowa to make this happen, but he can’t keep doing that at each state, which will limit him unless money for ads and such or his message gets out more and is received favorably by the people.  But money from good showings at other state primaries will help.  Social conservatives will back Rick and a healthy portion of Republicans and a modest amount of Independents at this time, but will it be enough with 4 candidates?

1. Santorum (24.56%)

2. Romney (24.53%)

3. Paul (21.43%)

4. Gingrich (13.3%)

New Hampshire – Romney won convincingly, basically his home area since Massachusetts is next to New Hampshire and Mitt has a home there too.  Mitt has the money for ads and people to help, although his moderate record does not resonate with the conservatives and the base of the Republican Party.  They do like his private sector, business capability, but that is tempered by his government record.  But being fair, Mitt did have a democrat (socialist) state congress which more than a few times he could not veto legislation, due to super majorities in his state congress, and may have been pushed or at least convinced politically to support legislation that he may not have wanted too.

1. Romney (39.4%)

2. Paul (22.9%)

3. Huntsman (16.8%)

4. Ginrich (9.4%)

5. Santorum (9.3%)

South Carolina – Gingrich won convincingly, again basically home area since South Carolina borders Georgia, Newt home state.  Newt candidacy is more complicated than any of them.  For the social conservatives he has some issues with his personal life, although he handled it very well in the last South Carolina debate in a friendly crowd, but if the media keeps putting it out there in front of the uninformed he will have a hard time.  His voting and supporting of issues record is either somewhat mixed or there is misinformation spreading by the media and other socialistic groups or entities.  Though he did say his belief of “Global Warming” (now climate change or catastrophic climate change, I though climate change was the WEATHER!!) was wrong and one of the dumbest decisions of his. His healthcare mandate and other statements concerning other issues which are troublesome for conservatives may be taken out of context and again the misinformation going around.

1. Gingrich (40%)

2. Romney (28%)

3. Santorum 17%)

4. Paul (13%)

Ron Paul would appear to be on his own island.  He has not won or come close in either of these states primaries, although he was a distant second in New Hampshire, but that primary was an open primary to anyone, so democrats, independents could vote which may have skewed the results for Republicans.  Yes he has some good ideas on spending control and domestic issues to be constitutional, but his foreign policy of blaming the USA for radical Islamist/Jihadist to attack the USA is dangerous.  His policy of leaving other countries, such as Iran, to get nuclear weapons (because we have them) is also dangerous. For those who may remember Neville Chamberlin from Great Britain thought prior to WWIII that the Germans (NAZIS) were not a problem and to ignore them, try to talk to them.  Although there is major difference between the NAZIS or even the Russians during the Cold War and maybe even North Korea now.  Germany, Russia and maybe North Korea (not with new leader) did not want to see their mutual destruction, however it has already been demonstrated that the Islamist/Jihadist are willing for mutual destruction by their suicide bombings.

Florida is next then a sprinkling of 8 more states  (Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Washington), none are home states for any of the remaining candidates before super Tuesday (March 6th) where 10 states including Ohio, Georgia (Newt’s home state), Massachusetts (Mitt’s home state).

What a primary season!!!

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Larry Bertolino

Larry Bertolino

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Larry Bertolino is a 31 year old, U.S Navy Veteran and currently sitting on the board of Directors for the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Harrison County Rural Transit.
Larry Bertolino
Larry Bertolino

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