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Grant helps make Harrison Hills buses more eco friendly

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Grant helps make Harrison Hills buses more eco friendly

CADIZ- Buses in the Harrison Hills City School system are becoming more eco friendly, thanks to a $55,000 reimbursement grant through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

District Director of Operations Ed Kovacik is submitting the final paperwork to obtain funding through the state EPA’s Clean Diesel School Bus Fund Retrofit Program, which will equip 26 vehicles with E-Guardian heaters from Espar.

“This is the first time anyone’s gotten the grant in eastern Ohio,” Kovacik commented.

The system emits 17,000 BTU’s to help pre-heat engines and defrost windows within minutes during colder temperatures, thereby eliminating the need for the large buses to idle and emit diesel pollution. Kovacik said buses have idled for 35 to 45 minutes, but with the new pre-heater kits, they would be ready in a fraction of the time.

E-Guardian uses a simple hot water heater/furnace to effectively heat water and circulate through the engine and heat exchangers, and timer controls switch the heaters on one to two hours before engine start up. The pre-heater kits also reduce fuel consumption by approximately 1 to 2 gallons per school day, which makes a difference since the district encompasses 384 square miles and buses travel 3,000 miles each school day along 20 bus routes. The system is also digitally programmed for daily repetition.

Kovacik said the initial grant submitted last year totaled $74,550, but the district opted to not install them on all of the buses since eight vehicles will eventually be replaced. Harrison Hills did not qualify for the first funding round but was accepted in the second cycle last August. However, officials did not receive verification until last fall and Kovacik must complete paperwork before the grant is disbursed. The district also provided a 5-percent in-kind match by writing the grant and instructing drivers on the system.

“We are going to save $50,000 because we won’t have extra ground-fault outlets at the new bus garage [at the Cadiz/Harrison County Industrial Park,]” he explained. “We wouldn’t have to put wires in the ground or use circuits for every bus, which would need 20-22 circuits. We only need four outlets.”

The grant is designed to reduce children’s exposure to diesel exhaust from buses that would impact their developing respiratory systems. The program’s mission is to retrofit buses with devices and/or cleaner fuels that reduce pollution; reduce school bus idling; and prove air quality in Ohio, particularly in counties that are not currently meeting Clean Air Act standards for fine particulates.

Scource: Harrison Hills School District Press Release

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Larry Bertolino

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