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Addendum for a Fallen Trooper

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While Ford and the others waited at the car, Conn
pulled up and asked to see the “papers” for the vehicle.
Ford said Masulla shot Conn after sneaking up behind him
outside of the parked car.

Among the most convincing evidence was Ford’s
ability to guide officers to different areas involved in the
crime. He led a group to the murder scene, where the car
was abandoned, places along the way they had robbed, and
landmarks in Steubenville.

In the end, Sereno and Johnson were acquitted; Ford
pleaded guilty to manslaughter; and Masulla was convicted
and sentenced to life at hard labor at the Ohio Penitentiary.
Bernice Bradley was never located.

… end report.


Article Written By: Amy Gareis
Harrison News-Herald Story: ” Officials Seek To Rename Route For Fallen Trooper

Ohio State Highway Patrol 1930’s Web Archive


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Larry Bertolino

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