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Thank you for taking the time to visit! Our goal is have the ability to collect information from all over the Harrison County Ohio area, from many sources and compile it at one location. A quick search on of Harrison County, or any towns within our county, quickly reminds you that there is not much online in regards to our area.

When I left the navy, I tried in vain, to find a place to rent, so I could move with my family back to my home county. It was quickly realized that there was a dramatic lack of information available.

After my family and I finally got back here, my wife felt as if she was out in the middle of no where. And thats not a bad thing, as thats one of the greatest things about our county. But she was used to playgroups for the kids, events going on, etc.

Now thats not to say that there isnt anything like that here, only that finding out about them is quite the task.

But what about all the Fire Departments who hold events and fund raisers? Being a member of the Tappan Lake Vol. Fire Department, I know first hand what kind of task it is, to get the word out efficiently to let others know what we are trying to do. Or how about important meetings going on inside of the county? How much easier it would of been to let people know about important veteran events if there was a place that was widely visited, and carried up to date information?

The family and I have a hobby of driving around the county, visiting different parks for our kids to run amok in. Im sure others would like to hear what we have to say about a certain park above New Athens, Ohio, that is very well maintained, very clean, and the equipment and atmosphere is great. was formed to give a realistic, ever evolving source information about our county, for people of our county. It will consists of many writers, each focusing on an area of their choice, if they so chose. Local sports, at any level. Community events, public service announcements, it will all be here. And we want you to be here to read about it, and to participate.

I hope this becomes an everyday resource for everyone here, as I’m quite sure we will all be able to learn something new everyday.

– Larry Bertolino


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