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Category archives for: Harrison County Cooks

HCC: Nutty Cheese Ball

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Nutty Cheese Ball – Wonderful recipe to make for a New Year’s Eve party…

HCC: Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Nachos

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Nachos – Fantastic recipe for a Christmas party or better yet New Year’s Eve party…enjoy!

HCC: Peanut Brittle

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Peanut Brittle – A Christmas time favorite!

HCC: Egg Strata

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Egg Strata – this is a wonderful Christmas morning recipe…you can vary it depending on your family’s taste…enjoy!

HCC: Cream Cheese Crescent Bars

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Cream Cheese Crescent Bars…this recipe was given to me by Lisa Snodgrass. Makes a fantastic dessert to take to potluck or an upcoming Christmas party.

HCC: Cherry Crisp Pie

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Cherry Crisp Pie…With Thanksgiving this week, some people just don’t like pumpkin pie…this pie is very easy to prepare and taste great!

HCC: Banana Crunch Chicken

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Banana Crunch Chicken – Trish Hirschbach is this weeks “Cook of the Week”. Trish acquired this recipe while vacationing in Alaska. Trish posted this on our Harrison County Cooks facebook page and I know this is one I am going to try…Thanks Trish!

HCC: Cherry Cheese Ball

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Cherry Cheese Ball is a fantastic recipe for the holidays…enjoy making this for a family get together or a holiday potluck…

HCC: Easy No-Cook Cranberry Sauce

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Easy No-Cook Cranberry Sauce…great side dish for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.

HCC: Apple Dumplings

[Harrison County Cooks Recipe] Apple Dumplings by our Cook of the Week – Marcy Townsend. Quick and easy way to have hot apple dumplings on the table in no time.

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