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Category archives for: Editorial

Merry Christmas!

As I grew up here in Harrison County, we did not have a lot of money, but we were rich……[ Read More ]

History Alive in Harrison County

Editorial: With a loud roar of the mountain howitzer ending all private conversations, all ears and eyes strained as members of the 30th OVI, marched up the road towards the church, keeping in step with the rythm of their drummer..

The Boom of 2011

Unless you have been living a cut-off-from-society lifestyle, you will have probably noticed all the energy proliferating about the county……[ Read More ]

Jewett Takes The Initiative

I have been watching with utmost interest at the developments taking place in Jewett O concerning the venerable Jewett Elementary……[ Read More ]

The Shame.

  There is quite possibly nothing more that I abhor, then having someone outside of the local community point out the……[ Read More ]

Pearl Harbor Remembered

[ Originally Posted On: Dec.7.2009 ] I have reposted this article that I had written last year, as this day……[ Read More ]

Forced Appreciation

The morning they shut down that small stretch of US 250, I knew things were going to get chaotic. Intentionally,……[ Read More ]

it’s been a year..

  As of this month, will have been online for one year. In terms of personally tackled projects, this……[ Read More ]

A Place to Call Home

  If only there was a place to live. Is what I hear often when talking to folks outside of……[ Read More ]

Where there is a will..

Everyone is always looking for a change. Be it a personal change, a world change, or heh, even a political……[ Read More ]

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