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Category archives for: ThisIsMyCounty

Lost Liberty Rally

Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens – Lost Liberty Rally – Cadiz, Ohio

The Crusade Of This Administration

Letter To The Editor: Written by Brad Ager


Letter To The Editor

Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

Letter To The Editor

Addendum for a Fallen Trooper

Additional historical background information in regards to Ohio Highway Patrolman Conn, killed outside of Freeport Ohio.

[VIDEO] Interview with Dale Norris

[VIDEO] 5 Minute Video Interview With Democratic Commissioner Candidate, Dale Norris

How To: Easily Backup Your Files

How To: Easily Backup Your Files On Windows 7

One would think, that with all the new technology rolling out, pre-existing devices would gain stability and longevity. Especially hard drives. Do you remember when your 1GB hard drive was massive and you never thought you would ever be able to fill it up? I still have that hard drive from 1996, And yes, it still runs. These days, hard drives with the capacity of thousands of gigabytes are common. And unfortunately, so is the hit and miss chance that something could go very wrong with them…

Economic Breakdown

Opinion Piece By Barry J. Momyer. Vice Chairman of the Harrison County Republican Party

GOP Presidential Primary

Opinion Piece Sent In By Barry J. Momyer. Vice Chairman of the Harrison County Republican Party

Merry Christmas!

As I grew up here in Harrison County, we did not have a lot of money, but we were rich……[ Read More ]

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