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myLocalPCpro Lobby

Lobby of new Office: April 2013

How To: Easily Backup Your Files

How To: Easily Backup Your Files On Windows 7

One would think, that with all the new technology rolling out, pre-existing devices would gain stability and longevity. Especially hard drives. Do you remember when your 1GB hard drive was massive and you never thought you would ever be able to fill it up? I still have that hard drive from 1996, And yes, it still runs. These days, hard drives with the capacity of thousands of gigabytes are common. And unfortunately, so is the hit and miss chance that something could go very wrong with them…


Press Release: CADIZ, OCTOBER 26, 2011: The Cadiz/Harrison County Visitors Center hosted a combination Tourism and Business-to-Business Roundtable meeting Wednesday night at the Cadiz Puskarich Public Library. At the meeting, Center Director Marcia Bedway announced new hours of operation for the Visitors’ Center….

The Data Fail Factor

Just because your computer or device is new, does not mean it can not fail…

We’re Moving forward

I want to tell everyone that reads this medium how excited I am about the future of Harrison County. Folks……[ Read More ]

Business 2 Business

What an exciting evening it was. We had a great turn out for this first event. There was alot of……[ Read More ]

TIMC Business to Business Meeting

To keep things moving forward, I am very excited to announce a Business to Business after hours to be held……[ Read More ]

Is it you?

In preparation of some cosmetic changes and work model, the call goes out for those who have an opinion and……[ Read More ]

Computer Question and Answer Session

  Computer Question and Answer Session If you have any computer related questions, bring them to the Puskarich Public Library……[ Read More ]

Going Green

Seems like everywhere you look, there is something either on TV, the radio, or somebody is talking about ‘going green’. ……[ Read More ]

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